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Dalglish Slams 'Inexcusable' Ref Conspiracy

Dalglish Slams 'Inexcusable' Ref Conspiracy Photo: IBL

Liverpool boss Kenny Dalglish has launched a stunning rant slamming “blatant” refereeing decisions which have recently gone against his side and claiming there’s hints of a conspiracy.

The Reds have been in woeful league form since the turn of the year, with their hopes of qualifying for next season’s Champions League over as they sit down in eighth. Dalglish has been under pressure for those reasons, despite their recent Carling Cup success.

And the Scot came out and slammed recent refereeing decisions which have gone against his side as they’ve claimed just nine points from 13 games since the turn of the year. Dalglish though pointed to their three most recent games for his rant.

“The last three games there are blatant decisions that have gone against us that are, frankly, inexcusable, and I’d say unexplainable as well,” said Dalglish.

“I won’t raise it with the Referees’ Association, I’ve raised it now, and it’s up to them. I think it really should be their concern. I’ve raised it, and it’s up to them now to look at it.

“If they have something like that [the denied Kuyt penalty], a decision that isn’t given that is so blatantly wrong - as we have felt in our last three games - then surely it is their problem, not mine.”

He added: “The unfortunate thing for this football club in the last three games is that when there are decisions that are wrong - and there will always be decisions that are wrong - then there is never an explanation of why.

“It would be helpful and more transparent if they told us, if they explained the decisions to us, or even just held their hands up and say, ‘sorry I got that wrong’, and we can see they have integrity. But they never say anything.

“We don’t get everything right, do we? So it is understandable they don’t either. But a wee bit of respect towards us would help the situation immensely. Otherwise, people might think there is a conspiracy.

“We can’t believe that, we can’t let it affect us, and take it into the games coming up, because that would damage us. We have to keep going, and ensure it doesn’t affect the players.

“If there is something, then somebody needs to tell us, and if there isn’t anything, they need to explain it to us a bit better. We just need to keep going, we can’t let it get to that, where we think it’s a [conspiracy].”

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