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Loeb takes second at Monaco

Sebastien Loeb finished second in the 1st Monaco Quad Master competition, a celebrity quad race. Organized by Loeb’s friend and co-driver, Daniel Elena, numerous star drivers participated in the race, which was based on a Super Special type of dirt track, a special track built between the Rascasse and Piscine corners of the Formula One circuit. sebastien loeb

Loeb was a part of the VIP category, and was competing against Luc Alphand, Dakar Rally star as well as, Clivio Piccione, A1 GP driver. The quads were powered by a mixture bio ethanol and petrol, but Alphand could not put his quad to best use, as he crashed it out of the track, ruling him out of the race. Piccione and Loeb immediately locked into a tight race, with Piccione taking away the prize.

Talking about the experience, Loeb remarked, “It’s fun and very well organized. Of course it was not easy to arrange such a test around the harbor. Daniel has good company and did a lot of work to enable us to enjoy ourselves this weekend. It was great fun between good buddies with machines which were nice to drive.”

Remarking on Loeb’s second place finish, Elena said, “When I am not next to him, Sebastien does not win!”

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