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Morales Wins Fourth World Title

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Erik Morales, Mexican boxing legend with 52 victories and 7 losses to date, has recently made history as the first ever Mexican to claim four world titles, each in different weight divisions. The fourth title being the victory against Pablo Cesar Cano.erik morales

Morales was able to win against the previously unbeaten Pablo Cesar Cano in the tenth round of their fight via TKO. Morales went on to lay his hands on the vacant WBC super lightweight championship in a fight that was held on Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Los Angeles.

What started off as a see-saw battle between the two boxers was soon broken off after Morales managed to get the lead and had Cano’s face badly busted up. Due to the detrimental state of Cano’s face, his corner stopped the fight sometime after the tenth round. The 21-year old Cano agreed to take on Morales after such short notice when Lucas Matthysse decided to pull out of the bout due to illness.

The match between Morales and Cano was the second undercard fight to the Mayweather-Ortiz face off.

When Larry Merchant asked Morales whether or not he was worried earlier during the match because it seemed that he was having a bit of a hard time against the younger fighter, Morales said that it simply took him a bit longer to adjust to the momentum of Cano and gain his confidence. However, Morales did say that he believes Cano may have been nervous as soon as he face was cut and he started bleeding.

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