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Khan Next Boxing Star?

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After catapulting himself to the global boxing stage with his victory over Marco Antonio Barrera, Amir Khan is believed to be on a roll. His victory over Barrera is seen by some as the first step towards a long and successful boxing career, although some are wondering on the direction that Khan must go next.amir khan

Options include the lightweight division, occupied by Juan Marquez who holds the WA and WBO belts, or he could also go after the WBC belt currently held by pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao. The 22-year-old could also go after the vacant IBF title. There is also the option of going after the European title, or perhaps a match with Erik Morales who has been heard talking of a return match in the summer. If Khan is able to face and defeat Morales this victory will definitely take him further on the road to being the next legend-killer.

One of Khan’s greatest weaknesses, however, is his inability to take a punch. He has been knocked-out multiple times by opponents who are by no means heavy hitters, foremost among them during his amateur bout with Craig Watson and the 54 second KO at the hands of Prescott. Some are wondering if he has what it takes to take some of the heavy hitters of the lightweight division. A left hook from Barrera, who is not a natural lightweight, even sent him reeling. This is some cause for concern, especially since the division is swarming with boxers who can hit stronger better than the aging Barrera.

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