Birth date 27 Nov 1947 (70 years)
Nationality United States United States

Don Adams, full name Donald L. Adams was born in Atlanta and studied at the Northwestern University. He began his professional career in basketball with the Houston Rockets when he was drafted for the NBA in 1970.

The 6’6’’ forward completed a single season with the Houston Rockets, playing 82 games and earned a total of 937 points and 581 rebounds with an average of 11.4 ppg. His next season at the Atlanta Hawks was more or less similar to his previous as he went on to play a single season of 73 games with points total of 831 and 502 rebounds at the same rate.

Later on, he moved to Detroit Pistons for three seasons. In his first two seasons he played as many as 148 games and earned 1434 points and 889 rebounds. He only played 51 games in the final season scoring 299 points and 244 rebounds at the rate of 5.9 ppg.

His next two seasons came for Buffalo where he featured for 133 games and earned 734 points and 516 rebounds, after which he retired from the game.

Career Highlights

Don Adams adorned the number 10 and 32 jerseys and scored a total of 4236 career points, 2732 rebounds and 869 assists.

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