Birth date 19 Sep 1976 (41 years)
Nationality United States United States
Team history
Phoenix Suns 2001 - present

Raja Bell plays in the position of Guard and is famous for his three-point shooting and defense. In 2001 he used to wear jersey no. 19 for Philadelphia 76ers and in 2002 jersey no. 11 for the same team. In 2003 he was again given jersey no. 11 but for Dallas Mavericks. From the years 2004 to 2008 he wore jersey no. 19 of which the years 2004 and 2005 were with Utah Jazz and the years 2006 to 2008 were with Phoenix Suns. Raja used to attend Killian High School in Miami, Florida and further secured admission to the Florida International University. When he was out of college he was undrafted. He signed in August 2000 with the San Antonio Spurs as a free agent however could not appear in a single game. In April 2001 he was signed by the Philadelphia 76ers where he was active in all five games in the 2001 NBA finals. During the 2001-02 season he appeared in 74 games of the Sixers and averaged 3.4 points per game. In the 2002 season he played for Dallas Mavericks where he had an average of 5.7 points per game. In the 2003 season Bell reached a career high of 24.6 minutes, 1.3 assists, 2.9 rebounds and 11.2 points per game. In the next season he bettered these statistics by having 1.4 assists, 3.2 rebounds and 12.3 points per game. The 2005-06 season was also a good one for him in which he averaged 14.7 points per game and played 37.5 minutes per game. During the 2006-07 season he contributed with 205 three-point shots.

Career Highlights

During the 8 seasons played by Bell in the National Basketball Association he has appeared in 531 games in which he has got 14425 playing minutes. He has made 4563 field goal attempts out of which 1982 are field goals, 1779 3-point field goal attempts out of which 728 are field goals and 869 free throw attempts out of which 678 are free throws. He also has 5370 points, 1412 personal fouls, 897 assists and 1477 rebounds against his name.