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Wade Not Rushing Back For Heat

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Wade Not Rushing Back For Heat Sports pundit

Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade says he won’t rush back from a knee problem ahead of the NBA playoffs.

The Heat are headed for the playoffs as the favourites for the NBA crown after an unbelievable 27-game winning run, however they’ve had some injury problems of late.

LeBrom James returned from a hamstring problem in the win over Philadelphia 76ers, but Wade has missed six of the past eight games due to his knee complaint.

Wade is likely to miss the remainder of the regular season and return for the Heat’s opening playoff game.

“The most important thing is to be healthy,” Wade said Sunday.

“So when I feel it, then I’ll get back on the court. Obviously, I want to play. But I have to make sure that I’m right. You have to get healthy.”

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