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Should Kevin Durant Lower His Scoring Dramatically?

Kevin Durant is perhaps the NBA’s best player, and last season became the league’s youngest scoring champion ever. But for Durant and Oklahoma City to take the next step and become a championship contender, Durant needs to score less, and make his teammates more involved.kevin durant

When Kevin Durant takes too many shots, the Thunder are a much easier team to defeat. Durant needs to share the ball more, and look to get his young teammates more offensive touches early in the game.

Power forward Jeff Green is a good player, but has not had his breakout season yet. Durant would be wise to make it a priority to involve Green in the offense early, and build Jeff’s confidence. All the great teams share the ball, and do not rely on a single offensive threat most nights. russell westbrook Whenever Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers takes too many shots, the Lakers are a much less dangerous team. Kobe has made a habit of getting his teammates involved early, especially since the arrival of forward Pau Gasol in 2008.

Durant can score any time he wants, but making his teammates better will determine if he really is a great player, one who elevates the game of everyone around him.

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  • Profile image 46x46 Shasikant - about 5 years ago

    One thing you have to keep in mind is that the NBA has added 3 new expansion teams wtihin the last decade therefore, decreasing the odds of getting the top 3 picks in comparison to before that. You used to have 11 teams in lottery and now you have 14 teams. Do the math and you will see that when there is more competition, your odds will likely decrease, even if you have the most ping pong balls bouncing around for you.As the NBA adds more expansion teams in the future, you can assume that the odds of winning the lottery will diminish even further but this system is still the best way to go. It may seem unfair to allocate the teams that do struggle with horrible records along with the teams who tank on purpose but in this day and age, it's very hard to distinguish between which team is tanking and which team isn't. You also have playoffs teams (Kings, Clippers, Grizzlies) a year ago that have been hit with injuries and end up in the lottery. So in conclusion, the system of letting luck decide a team's fate may still be a slightly better choice than allowing teams to determine their own position in the lottery.


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