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Miami Is Yet To Turn Up The Heat

The Miami Heat were supposed to be the second coming of the 1996 Chicago Bulls, the team that holds the record for most wins in a regular season with 72.

But the Heat have not looked like world beaters in the first few weeks of the season. Miami has already lost four times, twice to Boston, at New Orleans, and to Utah in overtime. dwyane wade

The Heat have improved with each game, but they have not found the necessary team chemistry yet, but there are a few reasons for that.

Dwyane Wade has been bothered by his hamstring once again, and Miami fans hope this issue does continue to linger. Wade has had this injury for a few seasons now, and hamstring injuries take a ling time to fully heal, and sometimes linger for an entire career.

Lebron James has finally been able to play basketball, and forget about his eventful, and often criticized 2010 summer. Miami’s style of play has been an adjustment for James. He has never had so many quality players around him to work with, and not being the primary offensive option is quite an adjustment to make.

The Heat’s make or break aspect of their play is their defense. Statistically they have been solid, among the leaders in points allowed per game, and opponents field goal percentage. But they are not yet an elite defensive team.

In the playoffs, potential matchups against Boston and Los Angeles could be trouble for Miami because both those teams play exceptional defense.

The first few months will be a work in progress for the Heat, but so far Miami has not had the sizzling start it had hoped for.lebron james

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