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Kevin Durant will win the 2011 NBA MVP

Kevin Durant is rapidly becoming the NBA’s best player. Leading Team USA this summer to the gold medal at the Fiba World championships in Turkey have made Kevin the face of USA basketball, and a global icon.

Amidst all the praise and success, Durant has remained just as humble as he was when he first arrived in Seattle as a rookie. He is hungrier than ever to become even better, and this summer will be the defining moment in the career of this once in a lifetime talent.kevin durant

Durant finished second in the MVP voting last year to Lebron James, now of the Miami Heat. With James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh all on the same team, there is not way one could get enough voted to win the MVP. Kobe Bryant of the Lakers, has way too much help, and Pau Gasol is quickly becoming just as valuable Kobe.

Durant led the Thunder to their first playoff performance in Oklahoma City since the franchise relocated from Seattle. They were the 8th seed and faced the eventual champion Lakers in the first round. While the Thunder lost in 6 games, the series was closer than people predicted, and after the closing game 6 win, Kobe was very happy to escape with the series.kobe bryant

In 2011, Durant will not only help the Thunder win more games, he will make his teammates much better. Kevin will allow Russell Westbrook to have more offensive responsibility, both in terms of Russell’s scoring, and his job to run the offense. Thunder forward Jeff Green will benefit from open shots while defenders double team Durant.

Kevin will remain a great scorer, but I envision his scoring to go down, as he becomes more of a team player. His rebounds and assists will most likely go up. He will sacrifice scoring to make the team better, and Kevin has no problem with that. His stats, and the amount of sportscenter highlights he has are not important to him, just winning. Kevin will win the 2011 NBA MVP award, but he could possibly win the NBA Finals MVP award too.

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    So which one is the true fact?

  • Profile image 46x46 Belgrade Student - over 7 years ago

    You said that Kevin Durant wasnt goin to score as much this but he is averaging 28.5ppg right now. Kevin is also averaging about the same amount of assists as last year so he never has desided to pass like you thought he would. His rebounds have gone down since last year also, thats because of Ibaka tho. U said that Kobe Bryant was losing some of his shine to Pau Gasol... that is not true at all, Kobe is still Batman and Pau is robin on that team. If it's a close game they dont give the ball to gasol they give it to Kobe every time.


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