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Kevin Durant is the Future of USA Basketball

Kevin Durant may be the immediate future of the NBA, but he surely is the immediate future of USA Basketball.

Durant will lead Coach K’s USA team into the World Championships this month that looks quite different from the gold medal winning 2008 Olympic team from Beijing.

This year’s team is quite younger than the 2008 team, but it offers much more speed and athleticism. With its dependence on guards, this team will be a running team, that will shoot well from the perimeter.derrick rose

Young point guards Rajon Rondo, Derrick Rose, and Russell Westbrook are showing their strong improvement since being drafted a few years ago.

But Durant is the main man on the team, and much of the scoring will in his hands. Durant will be counted on to pull the team out of slumps, and keep intensity high on both ends of the court.

Durant will use the World Championships as his way to show the world he is an elite player. Durant still does not get his credit as an NBA superstar.

But with a very strong team being built around Durant with the Oklahoma City Thunder, his spotlight will soon shine.

Kevin Durant is the face of USA Basketball, and they could not have picked a better role model for kids, and he should remain the focus when the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.kevin durant

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