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Celtics Playing Championship Defense

The Celtics beat the Cavaliers on Wednesday night with a strong defensive effort. Lebron James’ stat line of 9 turnovers proved the tough time he had with Celtics defenders.

The Celtics’ defense was strong in a couple of ways.kevin garnett

1.) Strong rotation. When the Cavs tried to swing the ball around the court to the other side, the Celtics were quick to adjust to the side. The Cleveland shooters did not have many open jumpshots.

2.) Good interior defense. Kendrick Perkins, Keivn Garnett, and Rasheed Wallace were excellent in being aggressive down in the paint.The Celtics clogged the paint when Cleveland guards drove to the basket, and contested all shots inside.

If the Celtics continue their strong defensive effort and intensity, they will easily beat the Orlando Magic in the Eastern Conference Finals.kendrick perkins

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