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Last Title Run for Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks have assembled a great young team. Smart trading and excellent scouting have led the success. Coach Mike Woodson is finally seeing the fruits of his labor.

But are the Hawks future perrenial contenders? The salary cap hurts teams with many great young players. josh smith

Every guy wants the money he feels he deserves. Josh Smith, Al Horford, and Marvin Williams will want large contracts with the benefit on long term security.

Deals similar to Rajon Rondo’s 5yr deal at about $60 million are reasonable for Smith and Horford. WIlliams will not get that money, but it will still cost around $35 million.

The major obstacle to the Hawks future success is contract expiration of Joe Johnson. He is a superstar player, and a great scorer. Many teams will be wanting to sign him this coming July 1st, when NBA free agency begins.

Johnson will be seeking a max deal. He is worth this money as an individual, but as a team, the Hawks would be spending irresponsibly if they gave him that money. With so many young players, the Hawks must make choices. marvin williams The current NBA salary cap i stupid beyond belief. It hurts teams from drafting and trading well because it does not allow a team to give every player his dollar worth.

Atlanta has fans, and is very good, and young. It would be a shame for a salary cap to destroy all the hard work of the last seven or eight years.

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