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Billups is the real NBA MVP

Chauncey Billups is the reason the Nuggets are a championship caliber team. His leadership and guidance has transformed a franchise known as an offensive team and making them a solid defensive unit.carmelo anthony

Billups knows how to win. He was the 2004 NBA Finals MVP as part of the 2004 champion Detroit Pistons. Last year the Nuggets faced the Lakers in the western conference finals and lost the series 4-2.

But Billups is in his second year with his new teammates, and that will help them gel even more. Chauncey knows he has a good team, and he does not have to provide a major part of the scoring.

Carmelo Anthony has become a top 5 offensive threat in the NBA, and J.R. Smith is also becoming a potent offensive weapon. The Nuggets also have an experienced coach in George Karl, who has coached multiple star players before, and has been to the NBA Finals.

Chauncey’s leadership will put the Nuggets over the Lakers in the West and help Denver to advance to the franchise’s first NBA Finals appearance.chauncey billups

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