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Lakers Letting Frustration Hurt Them

After the Lakers lost last night to the Mavericks 94-80, some interesting observations could be made about their defense and mental toughness. The Lakers will always score a lot of points, but there defense has to be solid for them to win the western conference.

Last night, the Mavericks were getting to the basket way too easily off the dribble. Shot were not being contested, and the fast break defense for L.A. was poor too.

The most glaring problem last night was their mental toughness. Too many times when trailing, the Lakers were looking at each other and pointing fingers and blame. After turning the ball over, players were committing stuid fouls in attempt to win the ball back.

This cannot happen, yes it is early in the season, but the Lakers are a veteran team. Ron Artest looks slower and worse than Trevor Ariza, and Bynum cannot do all of the inside work. andrew bynum

The Lakers need to gel quick, or Los Angeles wii have a long year. Winning a title is not easy, and it seems the Lakers are expecting to win every game just for showing up.

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