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Blazers to hold Aldridge, Roy for 5 more years

The Portland Trail Blazers announced that LaMarcus Aldridge was to sign a contract-extension with the Blazers for 5 years. Forward Aldridge was brought along with guard Brandon Roy in trade-offs in 2006. Both the players were signed for a 5-year extension contract.  LaMarcus Aldridge>

Aldridge was to become an unrestricted free agent the coming summer next year. The Blazers had a deadline of up till 31st October to rope in Aldridge. The deal that hit the right chord for both the parties was of a whopping $ 70 million with incentives.

6’11” tall Aldridge joined the Blazers in 2006, as part of a trade-off with the Chicago Bulls. Since with the Blazers, Aldridge has starred in 157 games with an average of 15.4 points. Last season, Aldridge won 54 games while playing for the Young Blazers with an average of 7.5 rebounds and 18.1 points. brandon roy

Roy signed an $ 80 million deal with the Blazers. The star player is paid his worth owing to an average of 5.1 assists per game and a Blazer leader with top scores of 22.6 points.

Earlier, the Blazers had exercised their three-year options on guard Jerryd Bayless and forwards Rudy Fernandez and Nicolas Batum. The team also implemented their four-year option on Greg Oden, a center for the Blazers. The team is expected on their season-opening on 27th, Tuesday against the Rockets.

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