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OKC Thunder Will Make the Playoffs in 2010

The Oklahoma City Thunder are the most intriguing team in the NBA. Loaded with young talent, this will be the year the make the playoffs.

The Thunder have Kevin Durant, one of the best players in the NBA. Durant can score with ease, but is an all-around player. He can rebound exceptionally, and passes well. There is no doubt he is a future MVP. This year should be his breakout season, when the world sees just how good he is. russell westbrook

Perhaps Durant’s best talent is his competitiveness. He wants to win a lot more badly than most players. In the All Star Rookie vs. Sophomore game in Phoenix last year, Durant was the only player taking the game seriously, and it was an exhibition.

Durant’s hunger will rub off on his teammates, and that might be the biggest boost he can give them. Basketball games are won when everyone puts in 100% effort on every play, in every game. kevin durant The 2008 Celtics are a great example of this. Kevin Garnett changed the culture in Boston, and Kevin Durant can do that in Oklahoma City. He is ready to make the Thunder a competitive team for years to come.

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