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Reynolds to Return to Villanova for Senior Year

It was back to school for Scottie Reynolds as he decided to return to Villanova to complete his senior year at the collegiate level. Named as the Big East Rookie of the Year, Reynolds had led the Villanova Wildcats to the Final Four of the NCAA tournament after scoring with a floater, on his way down.  Reynolds with Team USA>

The Wildcats released a statement where Reynolds mentioned, “The best decision for me is to return to Villanova for my senior year. I’d like to thank everyone who put their time into helping me get better during these NBA workouts. I especially want to thank my teammates and coaches here for all of their support. I felt like I learned a great deal from this process.

“I’m blessed to be in the situation I am in. I’m happy to be back at Villanova.”

Reynolds was part of 7 different teams during the workouts and had informed the Philadelphia Inquirer last week that things were working out well as he was getting a lot of constructive feedback that he could use. The feedback made him quite confident of his chances in the NBA.

Reynolds, as with other underclassmen, has until the 15th of June to withdraw his name after the draft. “Scottie took a very mature and intelligent approach to this process,” said Jay Wright, coach of the Villanova Wildcats. “He prepared himself thoroughly for each workout and absorbed everything he could from them. This was a tremendous learning experience for him and now he is focused on becoming a great senior leader in our program. He has great respect for the tradition here and I know he’ll embrace this role.”

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