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Recap of All-Star game

Past 5 years

In 2008, the All Star game was played at New Orleans and the East defeated the West by a score of 134-128. LeBron James of Cleveland Cavaliers was honored as the Most Valuable Player (MVP). In 2007, the West was victorious against the East by 153-132 and the venue was Las Vegas. Kobe Bryant of Los Angeles Lakers was chosen as the MVP. In 2006, the East scored 122 points and the West scored 120 points at Houston. The MVP was LeBron James. In 2005, Allen Iverson of Philadelphia was the MVP and the East beat the West by a score of 125-115 at Denver. In 2004, the venue of the All-Star game was Los Angeles and the MVP was Shaquille O’Neal of Los Angeles Lakers. The West overcame the East by 136-132. LeBron James>

Maximum Points scored

In the All Star games, the maximum points are scored by Michael Jordan which is 262. The second rank is occupied by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (251). Oscar Robertson holds the third position with 246 points. 224 points are recorded by Bob Pettit and is at the fourth spot. The fifth highest score is made by Julius Erving (221).

Maximum assists and rebounds

The maximum assists are 127 that have been attained by Magic Johnson. The second spot is occupied by Isiah Thomas with 97 assists. Bob Cousy holds the third rank with 86 assists. Wilt Chamberlain has displayed the maximum rebounds (197). The second spot amongst rebounds is held by Bob Pettit (178). Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has recorded 149 rebounds and is at the third position.

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