Birth date 12 May 1976 (41 years)
Nationality United States United States
Position Third Base
Team history
Florida Marlins 2008 - present
Philadelphia Phillies 2007
Florida Marlins 2006
Milwaukee Brewers 2003 - 2005
Atlanta Braves 2000 - 2002
Atlanta Braves 1998

Wesley Ray Helms is a professional American baseball player who plays as a third baseman. Helms decided to jump into baseball in high school and upon graduation, decided to sign with the Atlanta Braves in the 1994 MLB Amateur Draft. Picked in the 10th round, Helms found his footing in the minors before being traded out to the Milwaukee Brewers in December 2002.

Before his trade, Helms had made his debut for the Braves, in the MLB, in 1998. In 1998 and 2000, Helms spent most of his time in the AAA-League while coming to the Majors every now and then to rack up 7 and 6 appearances respectively. In 2001, Helms finally got to play regularly and in his 100 games, he got 216 at-bats with 48 hits at an average of .222 for the season. His batting average improved to .243 in 2002 although his other stats remained unchanged to quite an extent.

After being traded out to Milwaukee, the best thing that happened to Helms was that he got more games to play. With 134 games and 476 at-bats, Helms notched up 124 hits, a career high. His batting average stood at .261 as he hammered 23 homers, another career high. However, amongst all these good improvements, there was an almost three-fold increase in his strikeouts with 131 as compared to 57 in his previous season.

His batting average remained thereabouts in 2004 although his at-bats dropped drastically to 274. The following season, it dropped further to just 168 and that probably allowed helms to notch up a .298 batting average with 50 hits. His drop in performance at the Brewers was largely attributed to a knee injury he picked up during a game against the Montreal Expos. Coming out of the injury, Helms was struggling to bring back the form of the previous season and his struggle continued throughout his time with the Brewers.

In 2006, the Brewers traded Helm out to the Florida Marlins where he spent the next year. He had a career high in terms of games played (140) although he just went in to bat 240 times in those games, mostly due to the reputation he had built up as a pinch hitter rather than a regular batsman. 138 hits in the season gave Helms a .329 batting average and got him 10 homers.

At the end of the season, Helms was traded out to the Philadelphia Phillies with whom, he agreed to a two-year contract for $5.5 million. After spending 2007 with the MLB roster, Helm notched up 69 hits in 280 at-bats to put up a batting average of .246. At the end of the season, the Phillies designated Helms for assignment and he decided to go in for a trade back to the Florida Marlins. The Marlins picked him up by paying for his 2009 option as well as the buyout costs while the Phillies agreed to pay Helm’s salary for 2008.

In his second stint with the Marlins, Helms played 132 games while batting 251 times at an average of .243 in 2008. In the 52 games he has played in 2009 so far, Helms has batted at an average of .240, notching up 24 hits in 100 at-bats.

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