In tennis, tanking is a term that means giving up. In a professional tennis game, this action can cause a penalty because of the player’s lack of effort. Although the penalty is not used for illustrious tennis players even if they are tanking and obviously not putting in the effort. Aside from giving up, it is a term describing a match when a player lost the game and purpose. This is obvious during a non-vital set when a player is unable to focus and give attention and energy on a set particularly a match deciding one.

Tank Effect Scenario

The colloquial term can result in a temporary ban on a play like Nick Kyrgios. This happened when the player threw a second-round match again a player who is listed outside the top 100. The event was the Shanghai Masters. Kyrgios was a 21-year-old Australian player and gave little effort resulting in 6-3, 6-1 loss. He even went to the umpire and tells him to call time so that he can go home. He argued with fans and even said something bad about the paying public to the media. The result was a $16,500 fine for several reasons including lack of effort, unsportsmanlike conduct and even verbally abusing an audience. In addition, the ATP gave him an additional penalty worth $25,000 and suspended him for the rest of the tournament. He was also requested to see a sport psychologist as a part of their condition to lift the suspension.