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Knight Toad bet 195 credits @ 2.47 on Real Madrid to win against Atletico Madrid -


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DurhamBlue bet 20 credits @ 2.47 on Real Madrid to win against Atletico Madrid -

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Sleeper Alert! 3 Fantasy Football Picks that Will Make You Look Smart

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Everyone wants to be the guy who drafted Jamaal Charles late in his breakout season. Did anyone see Alfred Morris coming last year?The most rewarding fantasy moves are the ones with low risk and high rewards. Determining the best sleeper players, guys poised for breakout and productive seasons, will redefine your fantasy football team’s value.Choosi... Continue reading

Finding The Perfect Fantasy Sports Websites Is Easy

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Aѕ thе popularity оf fantasy sports, particularly football, increases, thеrе is ѕomе fantasy football (FF) advice thаt ѕhоuld bе carried out bу evеry player. Fіrst оff, whеn playing fantasy football thеrе are аlwаyѕ cеrtаin rules уоu will nеed tо knоw and rеmеmbеr. Тhе rules differ frоm league to league, ѕo оncе уоur perfect league іs fоund уоu wіll... Continue reading

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German Bundesliga Season Preview

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It’s hard to believe but the new German Bundesliga season is only a few weeks away now. Indeed, following all the typical off-season transfer activity, the time has arrived to preview what promises to be a big season ahead, whilst also looking ahead to another year of Sports Pundit fantasy football fan.The big questions ahead of this Bundesliga seas... Continue reading

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