Promotion is part of the English Football League System, being done when teams are doing a great job in winning leagues. There’s a maximum of 8 levels that the teams have to accomplish to get promoted up to the top of the Football pyramid. The first stage would always start in the Premier League where 20 teams are competing to be promoted to the next level, which is the English Football League Championship. The same process will impose up to the highest level for the Northern Premier League Division.

The Cup Eligibility

Below Level 11, the Football pyramid which is composed of more than 140 teams becomes regional from different counties. All teams were bound in the promotion and relegation in the pyramid of leagues. Whoever will be successful in each league can be promoted to a higher league as they meet contingency, especially in the aspect of facilities and finances. Theoretically, significant movement in promotion is bound to happen when a lowly local club was able to attain championship during the Premier League.

The History of Promotion and Relegation

This has started in the 1890s where there was an increase in attendance because football has generated widespread interest among viewers. This system was initiated by William McGregor who supported professionalism in the football leagues. Eventually, this was approved by 12 founders from the UK by the following year. Essentially, this was made official to give other teams to get re-elected and have a chance to rise to the top.

Promotion System in the Argentinian Football

From 1983 up to the present, the Argentine First Division has been using the English Football League System through Promotion and Relegation, based on the average team performance during the season. Teams have to get an incentive to get more scores in every season, so they can have the rights to challenge for the next promotion.

Promotion in Other International Sports

This is highly used in different sports, such as in the Tennis Davis Cup and Fed Cup. Even though they differ in sports mechanics and responsibilities, but how sports officiators placed the results is still in the concept of the Football Pyramid. This format would allow teams to open a possibility to compete against higher-positioned nations. Other sports that are using this system are Floorball World Championships, the World Cricket League, and Ice Hockey World Championships.

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