A half-back, or most commonly called as the midfielders, is a general position that takes between the defensive and forward responsibilities. Midfielders usually take the defensive role while others are being active in passing the ball from one player to another. The basic assignment of a midfielder is to intervene in the opposing team’s attacks, while other midfielders are assigned to create the goal.

Role of an Attacking Midfielder

This type of midfielder is taking the central midfield and being the central offensive role-taker. They are called “Trequartista” because they are highly creative, playful, and skilled to goal a score. They should be the visionaries of the group because their primary goal is to hold up the ball, to accurately provide the final pass to the receiver, or to make solid long shots towards the goal.

Half-backs are Advanced Playmaker

Being a midfielder is never an easy role, although many were eyeing for this position. The attacking midfielder is also referred to as the playmaker because he can give the team the points because of his superior supervision qualities. Most notably, he is known to wear the number 10 shirt, in the association of them being the playmaker of the team. Some playmakers are allowed to creatively and freely roam around the field, depending on what the situation demands.

What is a False Attacking Midfielder?

The False Attacking Midfielder or the Central Winger is a seeming player who’s supposed to play the role, yet drops into position, so the opposing team would be in a fiasco. After exploiting the other team’s position, he would make attacking runs and started to function as a deep-lying playmaker where he will use creative tactics to defend the ball.

The General Qualities of Half-backs

Being a midfielder is a big responsibility to handle because they are known to be creative and quick in thinking, especially they hold the main responsibility of either carrying or passing the ball. Ideally, he must have a good vision to see if there are other players where he could freely pass the ball. He has good eyes and feet coordination, so he could strike from the distance accurately.