Body Slam

Body Slam

The goal of the Body Slam is to immobilize the opponent as quickly as possible by slamming his body on the floor. One of the competitors lifts his opponent and swiftly brings him down flat on his back. The action is fast, ensuring that the opponent cannot retaliate by rendering him unable to move when he is lifted and when he is brought down.

The aggressive competitor grabs the opponent by placing his left arm over the opponent’s right shoulder. The aggressor takes the competitor’s left arm and places it on his own left shoulder.  

Scooping and Lifting

From there, the aggressor will scoop his opponent by putting his right hand under the opponent’s thigh and under his legs, and this will force the opponent to place his own hand on the aggressor’s right leg. The opponent will then try to make a jumping movement to break the control of the aggressor, so the aggressor must move fast to lift him.  

To protect himself, the opponent will try to keep himself flat as a board, and he will also push his palm down on and against the aggressor’s thigh.  The aggressor must use quick force to lift the subdued opponent, force him against his chest, by gripping him close. The neck of the subdued opponent will also be vulnerable to choking, so he will try to break the aggressive competitor’s grip.

By this time, the opponent is in the air, supported but also restricted by the aggressor’s arms under his thighs and legs. The aggressor must then take his left arm, circle it around the opponent’s neck, and then bring the latter down on the floor. In mixed martial arts competitions and exercises, the aggressive competitor needs to be careful with the neck of the subdued competitor by slamming him flat on his back, and not crumpling or folding him over, so he falls on his neck.

The body slam movement is powerful and accurate, but it can also be deadly if the subdued opponent falls on his neck. It can lead to paralysis. In competitions, the subdued opponent must straighten his back when he is lifted and prepare himself to be slammed.

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