The Uganda National cricket Team came to together in 1951-52 for a triangular tournament played between Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania together formed the East Africa team and played as well as won their first match in 1958.

The ICC recognized East Africa as an associate member in 1966. The team East Africa won several matches after in the years that followed. Meanwhile, Uganda was a regular at playing domestic matches against rivals Kenya and Tanzania.

Country Uganda Uganda
City Kampala
Founded 1951

The East Africa team was a precursor of the The East and Central Africa cricket team which was formed in 1989. Although Kenya was not part of it, the combined team also included Zambia and Malawi along with Uganda and Tanzania.

In 1998, Uganda split from the East and Central Africa cricket team to establish its own membership with the ICC. The 2001 ICC Trophy was their first international match as a sole team. The team played in 2004 ICC International Cup against Kenya and Namibia and secured the Cup with flying colors.

The present day scenario for the team is a mix of highs and lows as the team struggles to swim through heavy waters. Uganda secured a win over Argentina in the finals of the Group B games for the Division One of World Cricket League. The team also went ahead to win the Division Three thus securing a position in the ICC’s High Performance Program as well as a place in the Division Two.

The 2007 Twenty20 World Cup could not fetch rewards for Uganda and they lost the tournament. But winning against arch rivals Kenya turned out as a fortune. In October 2007, Uganda took on to Bermuda, a more experienced team, for a one-day match set in Nairobi. The team lost the first match by only 7 runs while winning the second one by 43 runs.

Uganda lost the Division Two tournament played in November 2007 at Namibia. The start of 2009 saw Uganda finish second in the ICC Division Three competition. Uganda lost its place in the 2011 Cricket World Cup in 2009 after they lost all but one matches in the Group A matches for the ICC World Cup Qualifier.

Major achievements

Uganda won the 2007 Division Three of the World Cricket League.

Uganda was the runners-up at the 2009 Division Three of the World Cricket League.

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