1-2-3 Inning

A 1-2-3 inning in baseball is when a pitcher faces only three batters. None of them safely reaches a base. They also refer to it as, “Three up, three down.”

What Is an Example of A 1-2-3 Inning?

An inning pertains to a game where two teams alternate as offense and defense. During which, each team is allowed three outs while batting. In a 1-2-3 inning, no batter reaches the base.

If a batter gets on base and a hitter bats into a double play in an inning, then a strikeout or putout takes place for the third batter, it will not count as 1-2-3 inning. Such would be the rule even if there were only three batters for the offense.

Inning in General

In baseball, an inning is the basic unit of the gameplay. There are two halves, the top, and the bottom. In each half, one of the teams will be batting the ball while the other team pitches it. The team on the field will stay in the area until there are three outs. So, in general, there are six outs in each inning.

Nine Innings in a Full Baseball Game

For a full baseball game, there are a total of nine innings. It could be cut short because of the different weather conditions, but it could likewise extend if each team’s scores are tied. For weather-related incidents, if the game gets shortened, they refer to it as rain out. The umpires will have to determine if the game can continue and in which case it is called a rain delay.

Each half-inning, pertaining to the time each team goes to the field to bat, formally begins when the umpire says “play” or “play ball.”

The Relevance of Innings to Determine the Winner

The first half-inning goes to the visiting team. It means the visiting team will be the first to bat in the field. They also get the top half. The home team will get the bottom half. The break between the halves of the top and bottom innings is called the middle. If the home team gets more points during the middle of the final inning, the game is over, and they are the winners.

If the scheduled innings are through, and the scores are tied, the baseball game will have extra innings until a team gets more points than the other.


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