Birth date 4 Aug 1913 (Deceased, was 78 years)
Nationality Australia Australia

Adrian Karl Quist was a retired Australian tennis pro known for comprising half of the greatest Australian Doubles team in tennis history. Quist teamed up with John Edward Bromwich, and together the duo won eight (8) Championship titles between 1938 and 1950.

Adrian Karl was born in August 4, 1913 in Medindia, South Australia, but it was in Adelaide where this tennis great grew up. He is the only man to have won a major title before and after the Second World War, where he also served in the Army as a soldier.

Aside from making brilliant tennis history in the Doubles category, Quist also emerged victorious in the Singles games, winning the Australian Singles Championship in 1936, in 1940, and in 1948. In the French Championships, he was able to grab the top prize in 1935 as a Doubles champion. At the U.S. Championships, he won the top prize in the Doubles category in 1939. The Wimbledon was also conquered by Quist, as he won the Doubles Championship in 1935 and in 1950. His most memorable win was in 1939, when Australia won the Davis Cup after being defeated the previous year. The first two sets of the match was lost to the United States team, but the rest of the game belonged to the Aussies, as they swept the game with a thrilling comeback.

Standing at 5-foot-61/2, Quist is short for a tennis star, but with his bouncy stance and powerful volleys, he was a force on the courts, consistently appearing in the Top Ten World rankings. In 1936, he was No. 4; in 1938, he was No. 6 and in 1939, he was No. 3.

Quist was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 1984. The tennis legend died in November 17, 1991, in Sydney, Australia.