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Hewitt takes title from Federer

After going against each other in 16 matches, Lleyton Hewitt upset Roger Federer and took the lead to win the Gerry Weber Open championship title on Sunday. The Gerry Weber Open serves as a warm-up tournament in preparation for the much bigger Wimbledon Championship.lleyton hewitt

In his first final match of this year’s season, Hewitt, a 29-year old Australian, won the match against the top seeded Roger Federer in a 3-6, 7-6 (4), 6-4 match. The last time Hewitt was able to do defeat Federer was approximately 7 years ago.

When asked about his opinion regarding his victory, Hewitt said, “It’s fantastic, Roger is a hell of an opponent and everybody knows how good he is on the grass court. His record speaks for itself.”

Federer was on his way to his sixth title at Halle, and had been victorious for his last 29 matches at the location, until Hewitt put a stop to his trek to his next title. Nevertheless, despite his recent defeat, Federer maintains confident of his participation and performance at Wimbledon, which will start on June 21.

“I was unfortunate not to come through today, but the loss here does not worry me in any way… I thought it was a good tournament for me. I have got to ensure I draw the right conclusions for Wimbledon,” said Federer, six-time Wimbledon champ.

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