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Nadal Returns to Queens Club

Rafael Nadal is set to return to Queen’s this year after his failed defense of his title in the past year. He became the first player to win the French Open, the Queen’s Club and Wimbledon when he won all three in 2009 but persistent knee problems prevented the Spanish player from defending his Wimbledon and Queen’s Club titles.After winning the title at Queen’s Club that year, he immediately followed this up with the Wimbledon win which ended Roger Federer’s reign in a tight five-set final match. rafael nadal

“I always look forward to coming to England to play at The Queen’s Club and Wimbledon but this year there is even more motivation because I could not defend my titles last year,” he said.

Nadal’s injuries, which started in 2009, are the reason for his slide in the ranks and was the cause of his defeat to Robin Soderling at the fourth round of the 2009 French Open, despite winning the 2009 Australian Open just before that.

His last appearance on the court was when he retired due to knee injuries during the quarterfinals against Andy Murray at the Australian Open in January.

He also added, “Queen’s is a big, important tournament … and it was an amazing feeling to win it in 2008 and then to fulfill my dream by winning Wimbledon.”

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