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Murray Wears Fred Perry-inspired Outfit

On this year’s Wimbledon tournament, Andy Murray will be playing with a retro outfit, to honor Perry in his 100th birthday.Andy Murray>

The third-ranked tennis star will be wearing the traditional all-white shirt and short, which will carry the initials “AM” under the laurel branches. The clothes were inspired by the shirts that Perry designed himself for his friends and clients.

“I’ve already tested it out on the courts and look forward to wearing it at Wimbledon next week,” said Murray. “I hope one day to follow in Fred Perry’s footsteps and repeat his success at Wimbledon.”

Fred Perry, who died in 1995, is recognized as the best ever men’s tennis player in Britain. From 1934-36, he won three-straight Wimbledon championship. He also completed a career Grand slam in 1935 by winning the French Open.

Although most players show up with specially made outfits in major tournaments, it was always the women like Maria Sharapova and the William sister, who gets the attention.

However, Roger Federer wowed the fashionistas in 2007 Wimbledon tournament, when he arrived with a complete five-piece getup with a gold “RF” printed on the left breast pocket of his dinner jacket.

He won his fifth straight title that same year.

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