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Rafa’s Natural Charm at the Olympics

In Beijing China, the young Chinese girls never missed the chance to see Rafael Nadal. Their screams from the rafters has probably became pleasing when they started chanting “Na-dal, Na-dal, Go! Go! Go! The Spanish player though accepting the admiration never allowed the keeling over of his Chinese fans. He knew that tennis was not the hottest scene at the Olympics but he was still moved to win the gold.Rafa>

Several of the world top tennis players met at the centre court of the half-empty crowds during the first round, refreshing themselves with Cokes. It was Michael Phelps and Co who was on court working hard to get the gold.

It was rather a humid day in Beijing. Nadal found it hard to adapt the warm climate and felt uncomfortable. He claimed he had to change his shirt several times at least every 10 minutes.

Expectedly, Nadal might be meeting Roger Federer for the gold-medal match. They both see it as an opportunity to help Olympics advance its cause. If they are able to get the whole world to watch the final match on Sunday, the same time they showcased their skills in at the Wimbledon, it will be the greatest event in Beijing. Both won their first round on Monday. After the game they discussed the difference of winning a game for their country instead of themselves.

The two were considered to have the best rivalry for the past two to three years. Now, the Beijing Olympics will be one of the breaking points of their careers. Federer lost a game to Nadal in the French Open and Wimbledon, though he is still considered to be the No. 1 tennis player. However, Nadal won the French Open and Wimbledon making him No. 1 in the ranking this year. The player who will get the gold this Sunday will both take the honor of both his name and his country.

Tennis was not a part of the Olympics since 1924 because of unsettled issues between professionalism and amateurism. It only became a medal sport in 1988. Rafael considers the 2008 Olympics one of the most important event of his career this year. He knew that Federer is taking the competition seriously as well. But both believe that they can inspire future athletes of the next generation. The world knows that they surely give their best to the sport no matter what, with pay or no pay.

May the best man win, indeed!

Maree cartujano
Maree Cartujano Sports Pundit staff writer @pebbykins

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