The Mexico national football team

Sport Soccer
Country Mexico Mexico
Home town Coyoacán, Ciudad de México (D.F.)
Founding year 1927
Leagues FIFA World Cup

The Mexico national football teamMexico national football team> represents Mexico in international football competition. The team is entirely managed by the Mexican Football Federation that also manages the women’s national team. Currently ranked 24th in the FIFA World Rankings, the team is in eleventh position in the World Football Elo Ratings. This makes the team one of the strongest teams in North American and in Central America too along with the United States.

Having been qualified for 14 World Cups, the team has been qualified repeatedly since 1994. With their amazing progress, they have reached the quarter finals in both 1970 and 1986 World Cups, both staged on Mexican soil. Claudio Suárez has made maximum caps of 178 with 46 goals made by Jared Borgetti. Enrique Meza is the head coach of this team with Efrain Flores being the assistant coach. The captain of the team is Rafael Marquez.

This team utilizes a tricolor system, which comprises of green, red and white colors. These three colors originate from the national flag of Mexico, which is also known as tricolor. The shirt has two red trims near the shoulders and away colors include black shirt and black shorts having a green trim. But in FIFA World cup qualifiers in 2010, an all green kit and an all white kit has been used.

The home stadium of this team is Estadio Azteca, which is situated in Mexico City and it is known to be the official home stadium of the team and the Mexican team Club America too. The stadium was primarily the venue of association football in 1968 Summer Olympics. Also, this stadium is the only such stadium to have hosted 2 FIFA World Cup final matches in 1970 and in 1986. It has a capacity of 105,000, and is the largest stadium in Latin America and is fifth largest stadium in the world.

Major Achievements

The Mexico National Football team has won one FIFA Confederations Cup, one FIFA U-17 world cup, one North American Nations Cup, 2 NAFC Championship, 3 CONCACAF Championships and 5 CONCACAF gold cups.

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Match Results


Netherlands won a game against Mexico (2 - 1) in the FIFA World Cup - 9 months ago

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    PIPORRO I think is going to be a 1- 1 game

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Mexico won a game against Croatia (3 - 1) in the FIFA World Cup - 9 months ago

Mexico played a game against Brazil that ended in a draw (0 - 0) FIFA World Cup - 10 months ago

Mexico won a game against Cameroon (1 - 0) in the FIFA World Cup - 10 months ago

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Team Roster

Name Position
Oribe Peralta Morones forward
Carlos Salcido midfielder
Diego Antonio Reyes Rosales defender
Guillermo Ochoa goalkeeper
Juan Carlos Medina Alonso midfielder
Marcos Urbina forward
Luis Arturo Montes Jiménez midfielder
Miguel Angel Herrera Equihua defender
Francisco Javier Rodríguez Pinedo defender
Alan Pulido Izaguirre forward