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Match Results

Macedonia won a game against Andorra (1 - 0) in the Serie B - over 3 years ago

Armenia won a game against Andorra (3 - 0) in the Serie B - over 3 years ago

Slovakia won a game against Andorra (1 - 0) in the Serie B - almost 4 years ago

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    Colorado Ireland will win because of the French defense. There was a lot of weaknesses and it showed in the French games. Ireland is much stronger and will take advantage of high balls into the French box or free kicks outside the box. Time for a change, Ireland will go to SA 2010.

    over 5 years ago
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    brits star writer* ahhhhh i dont know i think ireland deserve to qualify and might since henry and ribery are out of the france squad but ireland have their best team besides the unfortunute injury of the 8 out of 10 player noel hunt i would propaply say it would go to penaltys or extra time but i think ireland would win and now onto slovakia i just dont think they have a chance at all their just not good enough

    over 5 years ago