Deportivo Maldonado

Sport Soccer
Country Uruguay Uruguay
Home town Maldonado
Founding year 1928

Club Deportivo Maldonado is a Uruguayan football team based out of the city of Maldonado. The team was founded in 1928 and has been regular at the lower divisions of the football league system in the country. The club may not have won much despite its long lineage but what it did win was a huge fan in Gabriel Cedres, a former Montevideo Wanderers player. Cedres expressed his desire to play for the club where Julio Cesar de Leon played in 2001, before joining Italian side Reggina Calcio. The club has a large municipal stadium as its home ground. The 25,000 seater Campus Municipal Domingo has been witness to numerous smiles and frowns over the years.

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Team Roster

Name Position
Lopes da Silva midfielder
Marcelo Alejandro Estigarribia Balmori midfielder
Zezinho Pinto midfielder
Jones Lopes midfielder
Thiago Heleno defender
Gerónimo Rulli goalkeeper