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Ancelotti: Beckham Silenced Naysayers

Ancelotti: Beckham Silenced Naysayers Photo: IBL

Paris Saint Germain boss Carlo Ancelotti says David Beckham’s full debut went some way to silencing the naysayers as he sparkled in a 2-0 Coupe de France win over Olympique Marseille.

The 37-year-old former England winger had debuted as a substitute in Ligue 1 against Marseille on the weekend, but produced a fine display in his first full appearance in midweek

“You said we signed him only to take pictures, to set news conference and sell shirts,” Ancelotti said.

“It’s up to you to judge. You are the experts who know soccer. I felt he gave a very good performance.

“He made good passes as usual, he was well positioned on the pitch alongside Blaise Matuidi. He was very solid.

“He showed that he can play and he did not look like he was 37-years-old. He can bring a lot of things, his passing skills, his experience, his desire.”

Meanwhile, Beckham said he “felt at home” with his new club..

“It’s always good to start a match,” Beckham told RMC.

“It was a pleasure. I feel at home, I’m playing with super players in a super team. I felt good, but I cannot always play 85 minutes immediately.”

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