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Mancini Says United Remain Title Favourites

Mancini Says United Remain Title Favourites Photo: IBL

Roberto Mancini’s Manchester City may have returned to the summit of the English Premier League ahead of Manchester United after Monday’s 1-0 derby win, but the Italian insists it’s the Red Devils who remain title favourites.

City hold an eight-goal advantage purely on goal difference ahead of United who are equal with them on points with two games to play.

The Sky Blues go to Champions League hopefuls Newcastle and face relegation-embattled QPR in their final two games while the Red Devils meet midtable pair Sunderland and Swansea.

When asked who the favourites were, Mancini responded: “United. They have the easier games. They play against Swansea and Sunderland. At this moment it will be easier for United.

“We have two strong games against Newcastle and QPR. One plays for Champions League and one plays [to avoid] relegation.”

Mancini added: “It is important we are top now but it is more important to be top on 13 May. This changes nothing. We are top but we need to win the next two games. It is an option for them to win the title – we have 83 points, so us and United can win the title.”

City have now beaten United twice in the league this season but Mancini insisted that didn’t mean they deserved the title.

He continued: “Anything can happen and we still have big respect for United because we know they have a strong team. Football is crazy, but it is important to believe in yourself when you have a bad moment.

“We were on top for 28 games and I think we deserve another chance. But it is not finished and if we think it is finished, it will be a big mistake. I don’t know if, four weeks ago, we believe in this, but we have a big chance. We do have two tough games, though, and they have two easy games.”

Meanwhile, Ferguson insisted the Sky Blues were in the driving seat.

“Yes, I think they are in the driving seat now. They only need to win two games of football. It is not over yet. As long as there are games to play it is not over. But they have an eight-goal advantage and that is a big advantage at this stage of the season,” he said.

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