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The Power shift in World Football

Brazilian starlet Neymar, who was until last week linked to a big money move to Real Madrid in the summer, signed a new deal at Santos late yesterday to confirm his stay at the club until the 2014 WC is done and dusted in Brazil.

Football administrators in the country are very happy at the moment with one Santos official claiming that it was a victory for Brazil and that football in the country will be a huge gainer if such talented athletes resist the overtures from Europe to remain in their homeland.

Indeed, Brazilian football is not the same any more with massive amounts of money present at the moment. They pay their footballers well and some of the transfer fees that have been paid for players in the past two seasons are right up there with the European transfer market.

It is quite evident that footballers are paid quite a handsome cheque in Brazil or else the likes of Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Deco, Lucas, Ganso, and Neymar among others could have chosen Europe ahead of Brazil. These are examples of the best players of the world today and it is quite surprising and quite satisfying at the same time to see them staying back in South America and play for their boyhood clubs.

With the World Cup set to be held at Brazil in 2014, there is a lot of interest in the game and there is a pretty decent sum of money flowing in the game today. The Brazilian teams can compete against any club for a player that they want – a fact that was demonstrated by Corinthians when they sent a shock 40 million pound bid for the Argentine striker back in August.

European football has long been dependant on players from South America coming into their teams and entertaining their fans. With the amount of money on offer in the Brazilian League, that can soon change. Teams like Shakhtar Donetsk, who are regular in the Champions League, FC Porto, and many other teams from Europe, are dependent on a constant supply of players from South America. Most of the players that we see in the Champions League today are South American players and it is not good for the European national teams.

In the near future, it is very likely that we will see European players plying their trade in the South American Leagues as there will hardly be any difference as far as the money aspect is concerned. If Europe has to remain the football capital of the world in the future, it is time that the administrators take a look at this growing trend and throw in some corrective measures to improve European players and football.

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