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The Benefits Of Soccer

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Is soccer a sport that has benefits? It certainly is and it is especially good for children and youth.

Many children today have health risks due to obesity and inactivity. Soccer is a sport that encourages kids to turn off the T.V., get off the couch and get some exercise.

Soccer is exercise and it is also fun. When kids play soccer they learn discipline and how to get along with others. They may also decide to play other sports and this leads to a more active lifestyle. These are habits that result in healthier living as the child grows older.

Children who play soccer may also enjoy watching soccer. Not only will they be able to learn more about the game but they may find excellent role models.

Soccer is a game that is equally fun for boys and girls. They burn calories and increase muscle mass. Kids who play sports are more likely to learn how to eat properly and to think in terms of which foods will do the most for them.

Playing soccer is a way to make friends and being involved promotes self-esteem. Athletes are often more careful about taking care of themselves and avoiding habits that can detract from their game. Self confidence and pride are other positive results of soccer. Soccer players develop a team attitude and become protective of each other. They care about the other team members and look out for them in other areas of life besides soccer.

Kids who play soccer in small towns or begin playing when they are young are often part of coed teams. This is a plus for everyone involved and doesn’t happen in most other sports. Boys learn about respecting girls and everyone benefits from this. When boys and girls learn to work together as equals, lessons are being learned that will serve both sexes well.

Soccer is a game of skill and one that has many benefits, especially for those who play the game.

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