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Mercedes, Schumi & the Lot

Mercedes are making their debut in Formula One with a completely German team in 2010, however their entry into the sport will be overshadowed by the comeback of one of their top drivers, Michael Schumacher. The team made the decision to enter an independent team during the F1 crisis last season that almost saw the likes of McLaren Mercedes and Scuderia Ferrari pull out of the show. McLaren may not have the Mercedes edge anymore>

2010 promises to be a whole new battle with a wide open field that has many competitive drivers. Jenson Button, defending World Champion with Brawn GP, moved to McLaren Mercedes after Brawn was bought over by Mercedes’ independent team outfit. He will team up with Lewis Hamilton while Nico Rosberg will sit next to Schumi in the Mercedes race car.

Here’s a look at what this move could mean for:

*Mercedes: *‘Short of bringing the Alain Prost-Ayrton Senna ‘‘(God bless his soul)’’ rivalry back onto the track, Mercedes couldn’t have pulled off a bigger coup in the world of motorsport. Sebastien Loeb may have more World Championship titles to his name, but at the top level of motorsport, there is hardly any name stronger and more famous than MS. They have the title winning Brawn GP team under their new colours along with Ross Brawn at the helm - what more could they ask for?The Tracks will Light up Again>**Ferrari: ‘The Scuderia would have loved to have Schumi don their scarlet colours last season. Imagine what a dramatic entry like that would have done to the team’s fan base, especially during a season that was heading downhill for most of the time. Not to mention the record sales they would have made for merchandize.

The Italians will feel that they got the poorer end of the deal but the decision was Michael’s and they have no choice but to agree with the man who can, at times, be bigger than the sport itself.

Michael Schumacher: Why is he doing this? He is probably bored, sitting on the sidelines, looking at all these youngsters racing and thinking, “I could beat him…”, “Yeah… I could do better!!!” and so on. What better way to get out of boredom? Get back into the hot seat!Can he add to the 91 wins?>

He may have the fitness and the hunger, but does he still have the ability to make it to the top??? He’s Michael Schumacher… I am sure he does!!!

**FIA: **There have been battles between them and the teams, some reaching the extent of starting a new league. There have been presidential battles and Mosley has given way but one thing is for sure, they have hit the jackpot. Dwindling crowds and empty stands may just be a thing of the past as Schumi takes to the tracks again, something that the FIA might enjoy.

With more teams, a world champion returning to the grid and budget cap issues sorted out, the FIA can get back to more important issues like counting their earnings. One wonders how big a hand former Ferrari team principal Jean Todt and Bernie Ecclestone had in getting Schumi back into the drivers’ seat!!!

After all, they are the biggest benefactors here!!!They will be Back>

**Fans: **They will throng to the empty seats and fill them up once again, that is for sure. There are hardly greater pulls in this sport and especially with the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button racing alongside Michael Schumacher, who would want to miss a minute of the action?

So he isn’t in the scarlet Ferrari anymore! Big Deal!!! The fans don’t care!

All in all, this is probably going to be one of the most electrifying seasons that Formula One has seen in a few years now. The teams have almost decided on their drivers and there is no doubt that the season will deliver all that it promises.

Of course, I wouldn’t be surprised or disappointed if Schumi fails to keep up with the younger pack considering his age. However, as they say, “Class is Permanent”. Schumi might still have some tricks up his sleeve to take this decision at this point in his life.

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