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Grey Clouds still Hang over 2010 Season

Friday may have given the impression that things were smoother now, in the row between the FIA and the FOTA, however this couldn’t be further from the truth. Although all teams put in an entry for the new season, it was mostly governed by a number of conditions that, if true, would validate their entries.  Ferrari may still be walking out>

While Stefano Domenicali, Team Principal of Scuderia Ferrari, made it clear that Ferrari was “absolutely not” willing to be a part of Formula One unless there was no change in regulations by the FIA. The FIA on the other hand, have made it clear that none of the entries for the 2010 season have, so far, been concrete barring the Williams entry that came early last week.

According to the Ferrari Boss, not only are the teams looking for a stay on the regulation changes, they are also quite happy to accept a budget cap of 100 million Euro. The 45 million Euro budget cap can be acceptable only in 2011 and till then, the teams should ideally be allowed to govern their own budgets.

FOTA is all for providing smaller teams with cost-saving measures such as customer engines and gearboxes for their cars. There are also regulations being introduced against the number of times new wing-design can be introduced during a season. May be the last season for many Teams>

Claiming these changes to be too drastic, the bigger teams have requested for more time to ensure that they can formulate a structure for the future, i.e. when the budget cuts will be applicable.

This attempt by the FIA to make Formula One more competitive seems to be backfiring as of now due to the the problems being brought up by the FOTA. While some cases are justified, such as reducing work force by almost half, for some of the bigger teams, there are only minor concerns otherwise but yet, the situation is big enough to ensure that there might not be a Ferrari, a McLaren, a Toyota, a Renault and a Red Bull next season.

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