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Woods Out of World Golf Rankings Top 10

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Tiger Woods’ stream of bad luck is not about change, especially with this latest blow. The former number one is nowhere to be found in the World Golf Rankings Top 10, a first for Woods since the 1997 Masters. The rankings, released Sunday, showed Woods dropping from number 8 to number 12. This was after he withdrew from the Players Championship due to an injury.tiger woods

Woods has not won a major tournament since 2009, the same year his marital infidelity was revealed to the world. He took a brief hiatus from the game to set his family affairs in order, but since his return his performance has clearly taken a dive. Woods has failed to win any tournaments, with his performance hampered by numerous unsuccessful swing changes and injuries, and despite his claims that it was going to take time before his work with new swing coach Sean Foley kicks in. He has made several top five finishes in the recent tournaments he has played in, but this pales in comparison to his performance in the past.

Woods was replaced by Steve Stricker, with the other top spots unchanged from previous rankings. Luke Donald remains in number 2 while Lee Westwood continues to occupy the top spot. Sports critics are not ready to give up on Woods just yet, however. Given what he has gone through in the past year, people half-expected this drop in his game to occur but are not counting out the possibility that he will climb back to the top of the rankings in the future.

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