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Woods and Golf Digest Call It Quits

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After 13 long years of endorsement deals, Tiger Woods is left with one less sponsor watching his back. The golf legend called it quits with Golf Digest after both parties failed to agree on how many hours he can spend for his responsibilities, which consisted of writing instructional tips for readers of the magazine, which currently enjoys a 1.6 million circulation. Golf Digest and Woods started their partnership in 1997, and the magazine was his second-longest endorsement next to Nike.Tiger Woods>

The failure to reach a set amount of hours apparently stemmed from Wood’s inability to commit several hours to his job for the magazine, coupled with the fact that his deal was set to be over at the end of the year.

Mark Steinberg, Woods’ agent at IBM, stressed this out when asked about the split. “The reality is his deal was up at the end of the year. Because we are living in this digital world, they needed more time from him. He wasn’t ready to commit to any additional time at this point with everything going on - trying to work on his swing and other things.”

The split comes at the heels of Gillette’s announcement that it would not be renewing its contract with Woods. Other sponsorships that the golfer has lost in the past year include Accenture, Gatorade, and AT&T.

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