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Tiger Woods Gets Overtaken by Lee Westwood

Although he was definitely not surprised, Tiger Woods did hope for the best that he would retain his No. 1 ranking. However, the fates did not agree and he lost his No. 1 spot to Lee Westwood of England.tiger woods

All throughout the year, Woods had been struggling amidst the drama and disappointments. As a result, he lost the spot that he maintained for several years.

Westwood was able to claim the coveted top spot last Sunday. He ended the long record run that was held by Woods for a total of 281 consecutive weeks at No. 1. Lee Westwood>

According to Woods on Monday, “As far as the world ranking is concerned, yes, I’m not ranked No. 1 in the world… In order to do that you have to win and I didn’t win this year.”

Woods just finished playing at the Yokohama Country Club last Monday against Ryo Ishikawa of Japan. After the event, he is currently preparing to compete for the HSBC Championship which will be held in Shanghai that will start on Thursday. The event will be held at Sheshan International.

A week before the 2005 U.S. Open, Woods had already risen to the top spot and was able to hold the spot without fear of being overtaken since then.

However, all of this changed when Woods struggled with his worst season to date, not just on the course but also out of it.

So far, Woods has stated that he was doing his very best to adjust to his downfall from No. 1.

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