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Woods hopes to be an Olympian Athlete

Tiger Woods expressed his desire to be an athlete in the Olympics competing in golf during his interview at the PGA Championship. Golf has been considered by The International Olympic Committee executive board as an Olympic Sport, and they are working on inducing it in 2016 Olympic Games. However, no statement has been released yet to confirm on the matter.Woods>

When asked if he would compete, Woods said, “If I’m not retired by then, yeah… I think that golf is a truly global sport, and I think it should have been in the Olympics a while ago. If it does get in, I think it would be great for golf and especially some of the other smaller countries that are now emerging in golf. I think it’s a great way for them to compete and play and get the exposure that some of these countries aren’t getting.”

Padraig Harrington also commented on the subject, adding that it would be good to be called an Olympian. He also said that his credentials right now as a golfer already qualify him to be an athlete for the Olympics.

When U.S. PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem supported the idea of adding golf in the list of Olympic Sports, global golf organizations also backed up the plan.

“It seems like it was always destined to be an Olympic sport,” Harrington said. “I’m sure there’s a lot of athletes out there that would never put golf as a sport, but trying to explain that to somebody that doesn’t play golf, they will never understand what goes into golf. Most golfers realize what goes into it and will see it as being a natural sport for the Olympics.”

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