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Chicago Not Content with Orton

It was announced today by Chicago Bears GM Jerry Angelo that the franchise is in the hunt for a starting quarterback. Kyle Orton, who for the most part started for the Bears this season, passed for 2,972 yards, completing 58.5% of his throws for 18 TDs. He tossed 12 picks, was sacked 27 times, earning a rating of 79.6. chicago s kyle orton sacked

Orton was ranked 26th amongst NFL field generals. He was just behind Pittsburgh’s Ben Roethlisberger and Oakland’s JaMarcus Russell. For Chicago, Orton, a four year vet, is just not good enough.

Angelo noted, “I think we have to have competition at that position. We have to get that position right.” He added, “I know there’s going to be a lot of talk about a No. 1 receiver. Guys, it starts with the quarterback. It’s all about the quarterback. You don’t win because of wide receivers. You don’t win because of running backs. You win because of the quarterback. We’ve got to get the quarterback position stabilized.”

It was evident from Angelo’s remarks that the organization wants a money guy as a field general. He was asked about trying to secure a free agent.

The GM responded, “I don’t know that yet until I know who’s out there, but if we feel that’s our best option then we have to look at it very seriously. That position has to get righted. The offense starts with the quarterback, the most valuable position on a football team.”

Does that mean that Orton will be out? No. But the QB can’t feel very confident. One quality guy is available—Donovan McNabb. He’s a free agent and very marketable. If the Pats want to deal Matt Cassel that might be another way for the Bears to get a quality guy.

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