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Should Arizona be Worried?

The NFC West Arizona Cardinals have lost two straight and are now 7-5. arizona cardinals The second-place San Francisco 49ers stand at 4-8. The question is “should the Cardinals and their fans be concerned?” The answer is “probably not.”

The 49ers have a tougher schedule, playing against the New York Jets, Miami Dolphins, St. Louis Rams and Washington Redskins. The Niners should handle the Rams easily but the other three contests will be challenges. Look for San Francisco to go 2-2 and notch a 6-10 record.

On the other hand, the Cards play the Rams, Vikings, Patriots and Seahawks. The one tough contest will be when Arizona meets New England on the road in late December. That could be a loss for the Cardinals. The other three games look to be victories, which would make the team 10-6.

If both teams tie, thus far the Cardinals have a superior division and conference record. They’ve also beaten the 49ers twice. All of these facts put Arizona in good stead. Neither team sports a very good defense, but the Cards field one of the most productive offenses in the NFC, scoring a total of 338 points. Only the New York Giants have scored more points in the conference.

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