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Peyton Manning Struggling

The Indianapolis Colts find themselves tied for second in the AFC South with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Peyton Manning Both teams are at 3- 3, standing two full games behind the NFL’s only undefeated team—the 6- 0 Tennessee Titans>. This Monday night, Indy meets Tennessee for a huge game, and for the first-time ever, the Titans are favored to beat the Colts.

The Colts have had a myriad of problems—the worst running game in the league, one of the worst defenses and a quarterback named Peyton Manning who’s ranked 21st overall.

That’s right—Colts’ start QB Peyton Manning is putting up the worst numbers of his career. He’s thrown eight touchdown passes but also tossed seven interceptions. His QB rating stands at 80.0 and he’s completed just 60.7% of his passes, making him 20th in that category. Eli Manning is having a better year. Granted not a much better one, but nonetheless, Peyton’s baby brother is outperforming him.

This week’s game versus the Titans is huge for the Colts and their quarterback. A win over Tennessee puts the club back in the running for a possible playoff spot. A loss won’t end their quest to play in the post-season, but it will severely hamper it.

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