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Adam (Pacman) Jones is Suspended

Cornerback Adam Jones, of the Dallas Cowboys, was suspended for four games on Tuesday by the NFL. Jones, who was formerly known as “Pacman” Jones, was suspended by the league for violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy. adam pacman jones

It’s been reported that the corner was involved on October 8 in an alcohol related incident at a Dallas hotel. Jones is said to have engaged in a fight with a bodyguard assigned to him by the Cowboys. During the scuffle, hotel employees contacted police.

Jones was fully reinstated by the NFL just six weeks ago after a 17-month suspension. In the summer, while at the Dallas Cowboys’ training camp, he said that he no longer wanted to be known as “Pacman.” Jones noted that he wanted to leave his troubled life behind and form now on be known by his given name of “Adam” Jones.

He has been involved in nine different incidents that involved the law, including those related to alcohol, handguns and assault. Jones had to be perfect to be reinstated and was until the October 8 fight. His last run-in with the law occurred in February 2007, when Jones got probation in return for his testimony in a triple shooting that left one man paralyzed. He could have been charged with a felony but worked a plea bargain that reduced his charges to a gross misdemeanor.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who issued the suspension, noted in his letter to Adam Jones that the cornerback showed a “disturbing pattern of behavior was clearly inconsistent with the conditions I set for your continued participation in the NFL.” A lifetime ban is possible.

Goodell said, “It’s going to be up to Adam and what he does in the following weeks. Getting an evaluation and whatever treatment may be prescribed to him at that point of time.” Goodell added, “Part of it is going to be whether he’s willing to do some of the things that we are asking him to do.”

Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones observed,Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones> “I am disappointed for him and his opportunity and for the Cowboys and our opportunity and, frankly, for the NFL.” The owner also noted, “I would like to have been standing here talking about his success and the curtain coming up for him and addressing his issues. That certainly would have been more positive.”

Adam Jones could be playing again by week 11 if he follows all of the league edicts and stays away from anymore unlawful acts.

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    cowboys lost? well i think if romo played the whole game it would be difnfreet story, oh and if miles austin and dez bryant and jason witten and felix jones and demarcus ware do i need to go on lol?


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