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Pakistan set up plans to host Australia in Sri Lanka

After receiving a negative response from the Bangladesh Cricket Board over a potential tour of Pakistan, the Pakistan Cricket management has now turned its attention towards Australia as they plan to host a bilateral ODI series with the Aussies at a neutral venue.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) had already made it clear that they would not be able to host a series in Abu Dhabi owing to the poor conditions for cricket prevalent there during summer. And the board had held discussions over another possible venue.

The two options suggested were – hosting the series in Sri Lanka or going all the way to Australia and host the series Down Under. Finally the board members seem to have formed a consensus about Sri Lanka as the perfect venue for the one-day series.

Subhan Ahmed, the chief operating officer of the Pakistan Cricket Board, said in a statement: “In principle we have decided to hold the series against Australia in August in Sri Lanka but we are negotiating with the Sri Lankan board for a favourable deal.”

Tentatively, the contest will include four ODIs and three T20 International matches. The T20Is have been included as a rehearsal for the World T20 in September.

If this venue is finalized, it would be an intelligent move by the PCB because a tour on Sri Lankan soil in August would give their young players an exposure to the pitches in Lanka. And the experience would definitely provide Pakistan with an edge over their opponents during the World Twenty20 tournament.

Meanwhile, Ahmed said that the board was still waiting for a positive response from the BCB, who have backtracked from their decision to send their team to Pakistan after the controversy surrounding the final over of the 2012 Asia Cup final.

Mr. Ahmed added, “With time running out it appears difficult they will send their team to Pakistan which would be a shame. A series against Bangladesh at a neutral venue is not cost effective for us so that is not in our planning.”

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